How to make New Years Resolutions with your kids

Its a New Year! Happy New Year!  Here are 5 easy tips to teach your kids abut new years resolutions! As adults, each year we make resolutions so lets teach our kids the best ways to join in on the fun! and yes!  it can be fun!

1. Don't Make Too Many Changes- Start by making a list of possible resolutions.  Then narrow the list down.  Pick many 2-3 things you child can handle and stick with those things.  Make sure the resolutions are things that are already apart of your kids life.  Things such as, helping set the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or help mom and dad clean your room.  These are things that not only help your kid develop life skills but little things that can help your household too.  Too many changes will only add for distress or a feeling of defeat. 

2. Pick Resolutions That Can Be Reached-  Try not to choose resolutions thats are unattainable.  Try simple things that can be big things when your kids accomplish them! My son came up with a resolution that was something he can handle.  Canton is 6 so his resolution was to be a better listener at circle time ins school.  This is something we can easily track and can easily be reached at 6.  

2. Try not to put too much pressure on them when it becomes a tricky task.  Don't reprimand your child if they have some troubles carrying out their task.  A fun easy way to keep up with the resolution is to make a chart!  Make a resolution chart and each week or month your child reached his or her goal they get a sticker by the end of the year they get a gift for sticking with their goal. We all like awards! Make it fun!

3. Be a role model- Show your kids how you pick a goal and stick with it.  My goal this year is to plan more family dinners.  With all the activities the kids and I are involved in, it gets hard for me to come home and make dinner if I haven't planned it out already.  So, I started by making a list of dinner ideas I can make easily, making a shopping list for the week to get all the items I may need to make these delicious dinners and each day at breakfast do the prep work.  By doing this, my kids get to see me start, follow through and complete a task.  And I finish by reminding them (and myself) of what my goal is.

4. Make family resolutions- With our usually hectic schedules, sometimes we loose the fun family  time thats so necessary.  Make a family resolution to do things together! Things like "plan a family trip", do "weekly movie night" Me and Lyric(my daughter) decided to get our nails done together for some bonding time

5. Make it Fun!-  Pick resolutions for you and your kids that can be fun and things that they will like to carry out.  Like, "Make a playdate with you bestie once a week" This is something that makes keeping a resolution super fun!



heather wilson