one: teach respect

Foster respect as a parenting goal and that will feed into sibling relationships.

two: compete against mom and dad

Team up and compete against Mom and Dad – and watch those kids unite!  Physical games are ideal – tag, flags, hide and seek, or a water fight. Mom and Dad versus the kids is tons of fun for both sides. A water fight especially may be just be the motivation your kids need to work together – the opportunity to soak their parents!

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teaching kids to be positive thinkers

What IS Positive Thinking? I believe many of us don't really understand what this means. Its not about us simply controlling our thoughts.   Thoughts are endless and at times, merciless.  What we can control is what thoughts WE PAY ATTENTION TO and HOW WE REACT to our THOUGHTS.  Positive Thinking is NOT about trying to control WHICH thoughts we HAVE.  It isn’t just about saying positive things over and over in the hopes you will convince yourself you are nice, patient,smart,and things will change, etc.

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